Stress is a real pain in the neck!


Stress is a real pain in the neck!

A little stress can actually be a good thing, but too much of the wrong sort can be very detrimental. Financial pressures, long work weeks, and medical problems typify common anxieties and everyday stress. Prolonged periods of stress often result in muscle tension typically leaving you with as a stiff, achy neck or back.

This Wednesday (4th November) is National Stress Awareness Day and is aimed to raise awareness about what causes stress and what you can do about it.

The Sports Injury Clinic, who have recently expanded their clinic network into Peterborough, operating from Advance Performance, the specialist running shop, have pledged to provide over £5,000 worth of free services to help people through pain and injury, whether sporting or occupational.

Lee Petrucci, Clinical Director at The Sports Injury Clinic said. ”There is no doubt that prolonged stress and anxiety can cause a whole host of health problems and some of the most common are stress-related neck and back pain. With regular massage treatment and some simple exercises we can make a significant impact on peoples stress related pain”

The Sports Injury Clinic provide physiotherapy, sports massage and injury rehabilitation. If you would like more information or to book an appointment call their head office on 01638 724042 or visit