I met Jamie 4 weeks after sustaining a serious ankle injury, I was depressed, on crutches and feeling utterly useless.  Jamie took the time to really listen to me, assessing my injury but also being realistic about my recovery and gave me an achievable goal.  He tailored an exercise programme to suit my needs and lifestyle, all the time focussing on what my goal was.  At each session he assessed how I was getting on what was working and taking time out to consider how I was feeling too.  The actual sports massage on my injury was at times painful, but hugely beneficial and I know it expedited my recovery. As someone who enjoys all level of sport, recovering as quickly as possible was always my goal, however the strength work I completed has resulted in my ankle being stronger than ever, which was the aim of all the physiotherapy.  I returned to the netball court last weekend and can’t thank Jamie enough for ensuring that I could return to netball, but also my ankle being in the best condition it has been for a long time.