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Have you ever wondered why you continue to get persistent niggles and injuries? Why even after rest injuries come back or don’t heal? Or despite your best efforts you can’t quite hit that personal best?

The answer may well be poor or faulty biomechanics. Something somewhere within all those muscles and joints stops doing what it should which leads to pain and injury. Little ‘nasty’s’ like tight Calves, Achilles Tendon pain, Runners Knee, ITB Syndrome or Plantar Fasciitis, ouch!!

Using expert knowhow and specialist software, our running evaluation will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your movement patterns and identify any underlying issues in your biomechanics that may be limiting your running performance and predisposing you to injury. We can then advise you how to make improvements, resolve injury issues and help you become a better runner.

Gait analysis and biomechanical assessment

A lot of people think they have had their biomechanics assessed, they didn’t get their biomechanics assessed but what they did get was a shiny new pair of running shoes! Gait analysis and Biomechanical assessment isn’t just about looking at your feet, and although the right footwear can help, it shouldn’t be about what trainers you should or shouldn’t be wearing either.

running analysisThe only real way of assessing someone’s risk or reason for injury or truly knowing what’s limiting their performance is to analyse their whole body’s movements. We do this by using specialist video running analysis software and digital filming, providing instant visual feedback so we can gain the most thorough understanding of how your body works and how we can make it work better. We can scrutinise the smallest changes in super slow motion, frame by frame and identify areas that could lead to injury and affect your sporting ability.


“My ultra running is very precious to me and todays appointment with Lisa was what I can only describe as excellent in all areas. Lisa listened to my running/injury history, found the problem and approach it with a real professionalism. A runner can go a long way to find a clinic and specialists that listen, advise and react as good as yours. Today, I feel as though I have just been very fortunate. I will be back and hope to keep in contact with your clinic to support and further my running. Thank you.” – Mark Howlett

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